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January 20, 2013
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"Ah, thank you for the nice lunch, love."
"You're welcome Arthur!" You kissed my cheek and walked out the dining room with the plates we ate off of. I watched with a dreamy look as you swayed your hips back an fourth, humming. I shook my head as I felt a blush creeping up on my cheeks
'Come on! You're a gentleman! Act like it!'
I soon decided to come into the kitchen and saw you washing the dishes. I crept up behind you and wrapped my arms around your waist, smelling your shampooed hair.
        'God she's so wonderful, she always does nice things for me, she deserves something what does she like...I'll make her something sweet! She loves sweets! Every time that bloody frog comes over he always bring sweets I can bloody cook just as good as him! Maybe even better! That's right old chap! Go Arthur!  I'll make her something...but I have to think about it'
I speak to you
"Yes Arthur?"
"What might you be doing today?"
"Oh I might go shopping with (b/f)."
"Alright, well how about you take the day off from cooking?"
You turn to me and gave me the "what the hell are you talking about?" look.
I look into your (e/c) eyes and brush strand of hair out of your face. "You heard me, let me cook for tonight."
Your face looked blank all of a sudden.
"You? Cook?"
"Uhh yeah."
"No. I'll cook dinner and that's that."
"Please love?" I gave you the look you KNOW you couldn't resist.

'She's so easy to convince. It felt we were in high school once again, I was able to make her one of my "colonies" as I like to call them. I soon fell in love with that personality of hers, those (e/c) eyes, that beautiful head of shining (h/c) hair, and that body of hers...that body- Arthur, you're a gentleman, act like one.'

You spin back around to finish the dishes and I hear you mutter "I couldn't get the scorch marks off my pan after you tried cooking."

I stiffen up and flair my nostrils. This isn't working she must've came up a way to deny me! It's okay, I'm a former pirate! I have many tricks up my sleeve!
"You, Francis, and Alfred- God! The whole world thinks I'm a terrible cook..."

I closed my eyes and forced tears to my face and started breathing hard. I felt her stop and turn to me.

"Are you crying?"
I peaked though the crocodile tears that had formed. I saw the sorriness inside your eyes. 'Yes! It must be working!' I had to resist not wanting to put a smile on my face. "You must like that bloody frog more than me!" I remove my arms from around your waist and turn my back to you. You walk over to me, I'm still facing my back to you.

"Arthur...I've been with you for about...aaaaboouuuuut...hmm..."

'Bloody hell she forgot how many years we've been together'

She snapped her fingers. "3 years! We've been together for 3 years, I know you love me and I love you. I wouldn't leave you for Francis, Alfred, hell, not even Matthew!" She takes a deep breath. "You know what? You can cook dessert. I know you know I love sweets so make it extra good!"

"Really love?"

"Yes, really." She stood up and combed out her hair with her fingers "Now, I'm leaving to go meet (b/f)."

"Okay, bye love." I kiss her cheek and watched as she once again sway those-GENTLEMAN ARTHUR.  

I waited till I heard the door close.
"Okay, old chap!" I clap my hands together and roll up my sleeves. "Now...what should I make...?" I give a smile of success when I finally think of it. "I know! I'll make her some scones!" Then, it hit me. I just remembered (y/n) saying:

"Next time you decide to make charcoal bread-"

"Those scones were passed down from generation to generation!"

"Don't interrupt me..." She gave me a glare that would've made Ivan want to hang out with his crazy sister Natalia. "If you ever and I mean EVER make volcanic rocks in my kitchen again, I will tie you to a chair, and if your flying mint bunny tries to help you, I'll tie it up too!" Her aura started to show. "I will take my tweezers and pluck every single little hair from those grizzly bear cubs, you call eyebrows!"

"So I guess that's one idea down the hatch...I'll make her what Francis makes her just to show how much more of a better cook I am than him!"

I got everything ready to make her some hard candy. I put the sugar and water in it and then, Flying Mint Bunny showed up

"Hello Arthur!"
"Oh, Flying Mint Bunny! What a pleasant surprise!"
"Let's go play!"
            ~~~time skip~~~
" looks good!..." I said with a uneasy tone. I flipped the pan upside down to try and get the sugar base out so I can make the candy.
I shook the pan
Three times.
I looked inside it "Huh? Why isn't it coming out?" It looked like tar. This wasn't a good recipe. I don't know why (y/n) says Francis is a good cook, this is dreadful. I mean, I wonder how he got It such beautiful colours, and it smelled bad. It smelled burnt. How can anyone think this is good? Oh well I already destroyed the kitchen.

I know!

My brother Allistor! He knows how to cook! Maybe he can give me a recipe! Even though ever time I go he shoos me away...He just has to deal with me today!

            ~~~~time skip to Scotland~~~~

I knock on the door " 'Ello! Allistor!"
I hear a voice from inside
"Aye! Who is it?"
"It's me, Arthur!"
There was silence for a moment. I knocked three more times
"Allistor isn't here at the moment please go away and never come back."
I picked up my foot but before I was able to, I was engulfed in cigar smoke and and the smell of hard liquor. His red hair,semi-thick eye brows with his green eyes which gave me a stare that said "I don't want you here" showed.

"Aye Artie! What do you want? I was busy with a girl! You're lucky she's sleepin'!"
"Err...okay? Anyways, I need your help."
"You havin a affair?"
"Old girlfriend came back and is trying to get you back?"
I facepalmed at all of his guesses on why I came for help about (y/n)

"She isn't satisfied with you and her's sex life"

"Aye Artie calm down and come inside. You're letting all of the cold air in."
"Okay then" I calmed down enough to were my blazing red blush, was just a light pink.
"Okay Artie-"
"Stop calling me that."
"Okay Iggy, what do you need me to help you with?"
I furrowed my brows-
"Aye, you look like you have a unibrow when you do that with those leaches on your face"
"My eyebrows do not look like leaches!"
"They do to me."
"Can we get back to subject?"
"Good. I need a recipe to make something sweet for (y/n)"
"Aye! That's all?! Make her some Scottish shortbreads!"
"Scottish shortbreads?"
"Well are you going to help me make them or something?"
"I actually have some extra in my fridge." He walked over to his fridge and took some out and put them in a paper bag.
"Now get out."
"Remember? I have a girl in my room sleep. I need to go wake her up so we can-"
"I really don't need to know."
"Alright." He walked down the hall into his room and shouted "YOU CAN LET YOURSELF OUT!" then I heard the girl wake up with some sort of purring and then I heard "IF YOU WANT TO HEAR US GO AT IT, JUST GO ON A SIT ON THE COUCH, BUT CLEAN IT UP."

Once he said those words I was gone out the door.

              ~~time skip~~
I arrived at home to smell of (y/n) cooking dinner. I walk by and peck her cheek. She must've bought some new perfume. She smells how she looks, beautiful.

"Dinner's almost done, go on and sit down at the table."
"Alright love~"
I sat in the table and waited for her to bring the plates. Once again she walked in with the plates. Swaying those hips, those hips going left, right, left, right. She sat down. I couldn't help but stare at that ass. I know I'm suppose to be gentlemanly and such but damn, if you saw that ass you would-

"Arthur, are you staring at my ass?"
I grow into a shade of red and shake my head to try and cool my face down.
"Okay then."
We talked like usual and ate the dinner. She took the plates and came back and sat at the table. "So Arthur~" she rested her chin on her hands
"Yes love?"
"Where's dessert?"
"Oh yes!" I went into the kitchen and grabbed the shortbreads. I entered the dining room and she had a face of shock
"They...aren't burnt..."
"I got them from Allistor."
"Oh. Well time to eat."
"I guess so."
I take one and take a bite "Why, these are good!"
She gave me the "are you fucking kidding me?" look.
"Now I know where you got your sense of taste from."
After saying that, she got up and walked up out the room into our bedroom. I felt bad. I just wanted to make her happy. Then I heard my name.
"Yes (y/n)?"
"Since you don't know what something sweet taste like, come and taste this sweet stuff and maybe you're learn~"
She came out dressed in (f/c) lace.
I soon got up and ran into my room  to meet her.
My first fanfiction ever. I read so many I thought I should try writing one. I hope England isn't too OOC...nuuuuuu*runs to corner* I dont think it's that good now that I thought about it...whatever, don't listen to me just read it and tell me what you think. :3

I don't own hetalia
I don't own you
I do own this story.
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